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Does your Social Media bring you more business?

Social Media can be a truly powerful tool for your business. It is a great way to generate leads, engage with your customers, and create a legacy and brand around your business in a way that has never been possible before.

If the answer to the above question is no, then there is so much you can do to grow your business. There is limitless opportunity and scope with Social Media Marketing. Whether you are a local business looking for more customers, or a global brand pitching to the world, the same rules apply. Give value and get noticed, become a place people love to engage and be engaged. And ultimately, generate more business for your company.

Say it louder with Social Media

Social Media Marketing is not just about taking selfies and showing your friends where you went in the weekend. It is a tool you, as a business owner, can use to build a new customer base and generate multiples of your current income when used correctly.

From Facebook Ads, automated sales funnels, and influencer marketing, Social Media Marketing is taking the place of traditional Direct Mail and Magazine Advertising fast. And although the traditional methods may still get you results, there has never been a better time to monopolise on the Social Media Marketing opportunity.

Building Strategy:

Consistency is key to any Social Media Marketing strategy:

-Keep your audience engaged with daily posts

-Build loyalty and trust

-Stay relevant in your industry niche

-Benefit with more opportunities that impacts your bottom line

The most advanced online sales and marketing strategy. An Online Sales Funnel allows you to automatically generate warm leads for your business. Draw people into your Sales Funnel and convert higher than any other strategy out there. A sales funnel will allow you to:

-Build your email list

-Sell high ticket items on auto pilot

-Build a Social Media audience

-And convert higher with less cost

Content is king and it is what separates you from the noise. Everything in your Social Media Strategy can be working at full power and execution, but without powerful and engaging content, it will be a wasted effort.
Travis Digital are content experts at:
-Video Marketing that engages and converts
-Copy-writing that inspires your readers into a ‘call to action’
-Professional Photography that pops
-Graphic Design that illustrates your brand
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Influencer Marketing

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About James Travis, Owner and Operator of Travis Digital

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I started off filming weddings back in 2013 and used social media to conduct a lot of my business. It wasn’t until late 2016 that I began offering Social Media Marketing to small and medium business. Whether building an optimised landing page for a personal trainer or helping an established restaurant breach new social media terrain, I love to build business for businesses online.